Rabu, 30 Maret 2011


Dear readers, there are terms like mushrooms rainy season, for every moment or type of activity that always invite people to participate to act in the same. But for us, it could be said to be less precise! Because, we have found you due to the factor that always needs desired by every citizen today, about the news or clues about the "hand phone" which is currently almost the whole of society need cellular telephone service. This is not the spirit of the age but it is a claim as requirment..so, many people need a means of rapid communication and saving this, directly require guidance when we are going to buy a mobile phone tersebut.Untuk it, we feel compelled to contribute to instructions or directives so that the public knows more about the ins and outs of cellular telephone (HP, the term cool, red), when his will buy the phone. The rest is not just limited to HP's problem alone, but still we present information as raw knowledge about the news magazine reporters dug General & Cellular "Muller", in more depth that you may not know or read from other print media, including television. Muller magazine, is indefendent not represent an institution or group. We are there for your needs and published every month by serving a variety of information that is packed well by the senior editor who has long engaged in the world of journalism. How and what is shown by Muller renrengan editor of this magazine in an effort to fill your free time, let's apparently the same - just go from page to page. Happy reading and thank you for your kind attention the Editor .- .***

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